At AB@L, we pledge to:

Work for you

We go an extra mile to understand your goals, vision and apprehensions on any legal issue you have. We identify and define all the legal issues after which we come up with tailor-made solutions that address your peculiar challenge. We aim at helping you find the best solutions for all your legal issues.

Be Professional

In order to make available to you the best professional services of international standards, our recruitment and training policies are geared toward hiring and retaining high calibre attorneys and auxiliary staff who understand the dynamic needs of your business and the industry you work in. You are assured of utmost courtesy, decency and professionalism in our dealings with you.

Keep our relationship with you confidential

We undertake to keep our engagement with you and the information and materials we obtain from you confidential. We cherish the confidence, faith and trust you repose in us. Consequently all our attorneys, paralegals and auxiliary staff abide by our sacred internal Practice and Office Manual that makes it obligatory for all members of staff to keep your dealings with us confidential and safe. To avoid conflict of interest situations, we undertake electronic and manual conflict of interest assessment before we accept to work for you.

Offer you flexible fee structure and options

AB@L adopts a flexible approach towards its billing and is open to considering reasonable fee structure that will be mutually beneficial to you and us. We employ a combination of hourly charges, negotiated lump sum or percentage-based fees. We make sure you are fully aware of the different fee options, the likely costs and charges for our services and the basis of such charges.

Be available and responsive

We are available to communicate with you on twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week basis. We have dedicated “24/7 mobile” (cell phone) numbers that you can reach us on. We practice an immutable policy of responding to any of your communication within a maximum of 10 minutes from the time of receipt. You can count on us to be there for you whenever you need our services.


In addition to our internal Practice and Office Manual, other policies that guide the relationship between you and us are:

Case Management

Depending on the subject matter of your case, a team of dedicated and specialist lawyers will be assigned to work on your case and constantly update you on the progress of your case on any medium of communication of your choice. We develop a case plan for each matter based not only on law but also on strategy.


Lump sum or percentage based fees clients are given invoices that are accompanied by a summary of actual time spent on your work and its corresponding cost.

Value Addition

We keep you updated on the impact of existing and proposed legislation, regulatory policies and judicial decisions on your businesses through direct communication with you or our business impact sessions and e-journals.

Client complaints and concerns

It is an unpardonable offence for an attorney, paralegal or an auxiliary staff to offend or mistreat you. For all complaints you may have with respect to an ill treatment by a member of staff, a case attorney shall timeously address that complaint. Where you are still not satisfied, a Lead Attorney shall see to the amicable resolution of your particular complaint.

Annual Client Surveys

In order to serve you better, we undertake Annual Client Survey (ACS). With this survey, we elicit your candid and honest feedback on the services we have rendered to you over the year. This allows you to help us chart a better course in our quest to give you the best of legal and related services. We are more than delighted to serve you.